Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sula gets Acupuncture

Our Sula has arthritis in her hips. I believe she's 15 years old, so that's not too bad for a cat her age. She snips at you if you pet her roughly over her back hips, or palpate her spine down there, and she can't jump up onto the bed like she used to.

Our buddy Jonathan Schell offered up one night to acupuncture the cat for her arthritis. Jon works a lot, like a whole lot, so it's a double good thing for him to come over -- have dinner -- and needle up the cat. Some free food, some social time, and help out Sula.

I'll be honest, I didn't really know how well it would work. First off, I didn't think she'd stand for being needled. She does -- The Wife just scruffs her neck while the needles are going in as a diversion, then provides a nice napping spot by being sedentary while the needles are in. Sula can't resist The Wife being immobile, and normally just naps the treatment away.

Secondly, I just didn't know how it would work on an animal. Evidence is strongly that it does though, at least for Sula. For weeks after her first treatment you could tell her hips weren't bugging her as much. She jumped up on the bed better, she didn't snipe at you if you pet her hindside. Then after her second treatment, she really showed improvement.

The height of the benefits seems to last about 2 weeks. I'm sure she's improving incrementally overall, but the immediate pain relief alone is worth the price of admission. She's certainly not complaining.


Tate said...

that freaking rocks, i am glad she is feeling better and glad the wife is actually able to sit and relax for a change too

Bpaul said...

LOL, that's so true. It's a good time for all.

It's very cute actually how she sprongs right up into bed after she gets treated, it's pretty dam magic. It's really improving her quality of life.

Kate said...

I've seen some pets through work who have improved drastically with acupuncture. For some reason I always find that more exciting than when it works for humans.
Also, I started my own blog. Don't expect regular updates ;)

Kate said...

oh yeah, address of said blog >.<


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